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I actually didn't like this band very much the first time I heard them. I was stuck in a barracks in the military and the guy I shared my cubicle with was a Queensryche fanatic. Needless to say this band eventually grew on me and now I am a big fan. Clicking on an image will take you to a portion of the site dedicated to that CD. A list of the songs on the CD will be listed. If I have a midi of the song the song title will appear in link format and clicking on it will allow you to listen to the midi file. The total list of midis I have is in no way complete and I am asking for your help. If the song that you see listed does not have a link to a midi and you know of a midi of that song please either send it to me at recondite@earthlink.net or send me the URL so that I may download it. All input and comments are very much requested. Please use the "feedback" link located in the frame to the left, or send me and e-mail, to tell me what you think and to critique what you see. You will also find links at the bottom of this page to some of the better Queensryche home pages. If you don't see your link and you think your page should be added please let me know and I will be happy to add your url.


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The Queensryche Campaign

Queensryche - Ryche World

Queensryche: Global Minds

Speed's Queensryche Tri-Ryche Art Images

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